Key Functions

your partner for employment and job competency

Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training

  • Conduct research on national policies for human resource development and support policy implementation
  • Support the network of stakeholders in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and human resource development (HRD)
  • Conduct research on TVET as part of lifelong learning for all and carry out related projects
  • Develop and propagate programs for TVET as part of lifelong learning
  • Conduct research on national and private qualification systems and support related projects
  • Evaluate TVET institutes and their programs upon request from the government
  • Provide information and career counseling for employment and career development
  • Establish and manage a system for collecting information and analyze the labor market trends on regular basis
  • Promote international exchange of information on TVET
  • Collect, organize, and disseminate information on TVET