KRIVET Visitation

No Title Date Attachment
225 Visit from Embassy of the Republic of Zambia 2018.09.12
224 Visit from the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, Botswana 2018.09.05
223 Visit from UNESCO Beijing Office 2018.09.04
222 Visit from the Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda 2018.08.31
221 Visit from Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh 2018.07.12
220 Visit from the Ministry of Education, Republic of Azerbaijan 2018.06.19
219 Delegation from Myanmar 2018.05.30
218 Visit from the State Inspection for Supervision of Quality in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers, Uzbekistan 2018.03.13
217 Delegation from Ethiopia 2018.03.09
216 Visit from World Bank 2018.03.05