Title How do we change our apprenticeships for dealing with Industry 4.0?
Date 2018.03.02
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Chapter Ⅰ. Digitalization & Trends & Challenges in Dual VET in Germany       01
	Ms. Eva Hanau
	Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training(BBIB), Germany

Chapter Ⅱ. Australian Apprenticeships: Trends, Challenges and Future Opportunities       21
	Mr. Philip Loveder
	National Centre for Vocational Education Research(NCVER), Australia

Chapter Ⅲ. Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland       71
	Dr. Arnulf D. Schircks
	Know-how Consulting, Switzerland

Chapter Ⅳ. Including “Industry 4.0” in the Spanish VET Programmes       117
	Mr. Julio Mariano Carballo Fernandez
	Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport; Euroguidance, Spain