Policy Perspectives

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41 [Policy Suggestions on Lifelong Vocational Education ⑤] How to Improve the Quality of Education at Community Colleges in the Age of Lifelong Learning 2017.12.21
40 Present over Future 2017.12.11
39 [Career Prospects] A Future Shaped by Curiosity that Arouses Passion 2017.12.07
38 [Policy Suggestions on Lifelong Vocational Education ③] Vocational Education in Advanced Countries: Job Skills for a Lifelong Career 2017.12.06
37 Discover Your Child’s Talents and Potential 2017.11.23
36 Industry 4.0 Requires New Collar Talent 2017.09.26
35 The Age of Pioneering Your Career With Only Knowledge and Information Is Over 2017.06.29
34 Preparing for high-tech occupations in the future through nurturing empathy 2017.03.16
33 In the era of Artificial Intelligence, which directions of workforce training should we take? 2016.12.19
32 Human Resource Development Aiming for Communication and Fusion 2016.09.29