President's Message

Welcome to the website of
the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training

President, KRIVET picture President, KRIVETHye Won Ko
Vocational Education and Training Research Institute: Creating a Dynamic Economy and a Happy Society


I am Hye Won Ko, the 10th president of the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET). It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website of the KRIVET.

The KRIVET aims to ‘conduct research projects on vocational education and training, including research on vocational education and training policies and qualification systems and the development and dissemination of vocational education and training programs.’ With this purpose, the KRIVET has developed into a world-class research institution since its establishment in 1997.

We must respond to the vocational competency skills and digital transition in the future derived from the increase of low birth rate and aging population, support competency development for all life stages and workplace learning, strengthen the support for customized vocational training, and consider the economic and social environment and national task for regional human resources development.

All members of the KRIVET will carry out their research projects faithfully to support lifelong vocational education and training, including workplace learning for all citizens at each stage of life. We will also strengthen the research projects supporting the creation and maintenance of decent jobs to build a society where all people are happy with the growth of innovation. Based on our accumulated research experience, we will endeavor to develop further into a pan-government research institution for human resources development. To achieve these goals, we will expand the policy community to enable collaboration with researchers and policymakers with diverse opinions.

We request kindly and sincerely for your generous support.

Thank you.