Main Research Area

  • Human Resources for Future and Social Policy Research

    KRIVET researches ways to nurture future human resources and on the connection between education and the labor market. KRIVET also research industry-academia cooperation, human resource development for multicultural families, and vocational education and training to respond to an aging society.

  • Lifelong Vocational Education Research

    KRIVET is improving policies related to specialized high schools, Meister high schools, apprentice schools, and vocational high schools with lifelong vocational education policies and systems. In addition, KRIVET is developing NCS-based vocational training courses and learning modules.

  • Employment, Skills Development, and Qualifications Research

    KRIVET is focusing skills development and qualification system for employment, labor market, and vocational competency development of youth, women, middle-aged people, and vulnerable groups. KRIVET also researches the employment security network and foster human resources in the field of digital new technologies. KRIVET also conducts research on national competency systems and qualification systems.

  • Regional Human Resources Development Research

    KRIVET focuses on establishing and improving policies related to regional human resource development. In particular, KRIVET conducts research on the diagnostic evaluation and capacity development of Industrial Skills Council, local higher education innovation, and the creation of a local university ecosystem.

  • National Career Education Research

    KRIVET conducts research to support career development, from career and vocational research to cultivating professional awareness. In addition, KRIVET provides a variety of career services through the development and distribution of programs to promote career guidance and the operation of CareerNet, a career information network.