Office of President

  • Management and Research Advisory Committee

  • Auditor

    Office of Audit

  • Office of Vice President

    • Planning and Coordination Division

      • Center for Research Planning

    • Future Human Resources and Career Research Division

      • Center for HR Trends and Panel Data

      • Center for Employment Projection

      • Center for National Career Education Research

    • Lifelong Vocational Education Research Division

      • Center for Vocational Education of Secondary School

      • Center for VHS(Vocational High School) Curriculum and Credit System

      • Center for Tertiary and Continuing Education Research

    • Employment and Skills Development Research Division

      • Center for Employer-provided Training Research

      • Center for Regional and Industrial HRD Research

    • Education and Employment Linkage Research Division

      • Center for Competencies Research

      • Center for Qualifications Research

    • Management Support Division