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Global HR Forum

KRIVET, together with the Korean Ministry of Education and Korea Economic Daily, annually has hosted the Global HR Forum since 2006.
Notable keynote speakers include Ban Ki-moon (8th UN Secretary General), Bill Gates (Chairman of Microsoft), and Bill Clinton (Former President of the U.S.).

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History of Global HR Forum

Global HR Forum : Year, Topic
Year Topic
2023.11.1-2 'New Wave: Talent Revolution in the Era of AI and Big Blur'
2022.11.2-3 The Next:Talent in the Era of Grand Transition
2021.11.10-11 Digital Transformation, ESG,and Sustainable Future
2020.11.11-12 AI & Human, How Can We Coexist?
2019.11.6-7 Together, for a better future
2018.11.6-7 Future Makers: Challengers Create Tomorrow
2017.11.1-2 Future in Your Hands
2016.11.2-3 Let’s Dream, Challenge and Create
2015.11.4-5 Diverse Talent, Changing Societies
2014.11.5-6 Human Resources for Trust and Integration
2013.11.6-7 Beyond Walls
2012.11.24-25 Better Education, The Best Welfare
2011.11.2-3 Smart Education : Reinventing the Future
2010.10.27-28 Open and Ready for Tomorrow
2009.11.4-5 Creative Education for All
2008.11.5-6 Creative Talents for Global Collaboration
2007.10.24-25 HR Solution for the Next Generatoin
2006.11.8-10 Global Talent, Global Prosperity

UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop

KRIVET was designated as the UNESCO Regional Center of Excellence in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in 2002 and nominated as the UNESCO-UNEVOC East and Southeast Asia Cluster Coordinating Centre in 2012.
KRIVET has been hosting network consolidation workshops to strengthen the global cooperation network of vocational education and training in the East and Southeast Asian region.

  • 2013 UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop photo

    2013 UNEVOC

  • 2019 UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop photo

    2019 UNEVOC

  • 2023 UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop photo

    2023 UNEVOC