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435 Analysis of Demand for Adults' Career Education and Policy Suggestions 2024-06-27
434 Digital Twins for Vocational Training 2024-06-27
433 Human GDP: Capitalization of Corporate Education and Training Expenses and the Reflection of the Social Value of Higher Education 2024-03-26
432 Strategies for Advancing Higher-Level Career Education in Response to Digital Transformation 2024-03-26
431 Development of Life-long Career Development Competencies Scale for Adults and Students 2024-03-26
430 Research on Korean Occupational Index for Career and Employment Service(2022) 2023-12-26
429 A Study on the Digital Divide in Vocational High School 2023-12-26
428 The Construction of Data-based Skill Forecasting System (2022) 2023-12-26
427 Evaluation of Qualification Systems and Research on Mid- to Long-term Roadmaps 2023-09-26
426 Human Resources Development in the Field of New Technology and Research and Development of Career Transition Systems Induced by Digital Transformation 2023-09-25