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269 Educational Background of Workers in the Big Data, Secondary Battery, and Hydrogen Fields Skills/Major Mismatch and Person-Environment Fit, Immersion, and Performance 2024.06.04
268 Analysis of Current Employees’ Perception and Experience of Soft Skills and Training 2024.05.16
267 Operation of Joint Curriculum between Vocational High Schools with a Credit System : current status and areas of improvement 2024.04.30
266 Supporting effective Professional Learning Communities for TVET teachers in Korea 2024.04.16
265 Effects of Future Work Experience Support Projects and Improvement Measures Focusing on the Analysis Results of the Participants’ Survey 2024.03.28
264 Current Status and Impact of the Career Exploration Credit System and the Innovation of University Education 2024.03.14
263 Priorities of Activities to Reinforce Field-oriented Curriculums at Apprenticeship Schools 2024.02.29
262 Analysis of the Management of New Industry Career Experience Program of Career Experiential Learning Support Centers 2024.02.15
261 Management of Major Courses by Teachers at Specialized High Schools and Awareness on Prevention and Additional Guidance for the Minimum Level of Attainment 2024.01.30
260 Characteristics of Doctorate Recipients in STEM Majors and Their Early Labor Market Transition 2024.01.16