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The goal of Global HR Forum is “to cooperate globally to address main challenges that humanity faces regarding talent development.” KRIVET, together with the Korean Ministry of Education and Korea Economic Daily, annually has hosted the Global HR Forum since 2006 to realize the goal of Global HR Forum. Joint efforts from the governments, business to educational institutions keep to find best practices and insights for the human resources development for the future society. Because human resources are the foundation for the prosperity of individuals, business, society and the world. Indeed, human resources is vital to realize the happy life for all people through the education. Global HR Forum discusses human resources development that respond to the era of uncertainty following the AI ​​era. Global HR Forum is also discovering insights related to talent development to contribute to the future direction of humanity. Based on this, Global HR Forum is becoming a forum for discussion on nurturing future talent in line with international trends and promoting interdisciplinary communication and convergence.

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    2015 Global HR Forum

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History of Global HR Forum

Global HR Forum : Year, Topic, Objectives
Year Topic Objectives
2023 'New Wave: Talent Revolution in the Era of AI and Big Blur' To discuss a wave of profound change, called Big Blur, the era of “Talent 3.0” is unfolding. It requires a new game changer that will determine future survival and lead future change in the global society.
2022 The Next:Talent in the Era of Grand Transition To examine digital transformation, ESG, and the qualifications of talents required for a sustainable future, educational revolution, work ethics, and human resource development strategies in the post pandemic era.
2021 Digital Transformation, ESG, and Sustainable Future To discuss the ways to coexist between humans and artificial intelligence(AI) in the age of AI. To debate on human resource development, education, and HR trends of enterprises in order to take the lead in the era of AI.