KRIVET Research 2022 : Abstracts of Research Commissioned by National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences (NRC)

Edited by KRIVET
Issuing Organization
KRIVET(Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training)
1. The Basic Research on Construction of a Employment Projection System in New Industrial Sectors 1
2. Research on Korean Occupational Index for Career and Employment Service(2022) 5
3. Labor Market Reform and Youth Employment 9
4. Diagnosis of The Qualification System and Research on The Mid-to Long-Term Roadmap 11
5. The Characteristics and Outcomes of University-Industry Collaboration 19
6. Policy Measures to Support Small Giants for Retaining Talent in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 25
7. Making Local Universities More Competitive: Focus on Linkage to Local Jobs 27
8. Korean Occupational Consciousness and Vocational Ethics (2022) 35
9. The Construction of Data-based Skill Forecasting System (2022) 37
10. Establishing A Lifelong Vocational Education and Training System that Realizes A Happy Life for The People 41
11. STEM Paths of The Science and Technology Talent Pool in Korea: Trends and Policy Implications 45
12. Skills Policy to Address Digital Transformation and Social Inequality  47
13. Study on Future Role and Development Plan of Higher Educational Institutions for Lifelong Vocational Education 49
14. Study for Support Plans for Self-Reliance and Employment of Disadvantaged Youths (2022): Multicultural Youths 57
15. A Study on The Mid to Long-Term Direction of Vocational Education & Training Policy 67
16. Exploratory Research on the Possibility of Applying Digital Twin Technologies in VET Policy Making Process 73
17. A Study on the Structural Reform of Junior College in Response to The Crisis of Declining School-Age Population 75
18. Human GDP: Capitalization of Corporate Education and Training Expenses and Reflection of Social Value of Higher Education 77
19. A Study on How to Develop College Career Education in Response to Digital Transformation 85
20. A Study on the Digital Divide in Vocational High School 87
21. A Study on the Effectiveness of Non-Face-to-Face Training 95
22. A Study on The Development of Workforce Training and Career Transition System in New Technology according to Digital Transformation 97
23. A Study of Methods to Implement The Private Qualification Registration Renewal System in Korea 101
24. Regional Human Resources Development Strategies for Balanced Regional Development 105
25. Development of Life-Long Career Development Competencies Scale for Adults and Students 109
26. Research on Needs Analysis for Adult Career Education and Policy Suggestion 111
27. Local Human Resource Development and Restructuring of Higher Education Governance 113
28. HR Development for Carbon-Neutral Growth: Focusing on The Energy Field 125