2023 East and Southeast Asia UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop

Edited by KRIVET
Issuing Organization
Overview  5
Detailed Programme 1  9
· Strengthening the digital competence of TVET teachers/trainers  27
· TVET infrastructure development plan in Cambodia  43
· Interactive development of vocational education and community education under lifelong education system: China practice  53
· The role of TVET in promoting lifelong learning for sustainable development  67
· Exploring job opportunities and employment support system for Malaysia’s future workforce  81
· Public Private Partnership (PPP) as the effective mechanism for vocational manpower development  93
· Methodology and utilization of regional workforce and training demand survey 101
· Advancing gender-based TVET programs in the Philippines: Challenges and strategies 113
· Inclusive TVET: TVET for marginalized groups 133
· Quality of TVET in Mongolia 149
Special Session 157
· BILT Initiative: Fostering policy and pear learning across regions in the context of the digital and green transition 159
· TVET Policies and Reforms in China 167
Detailed Programme 2 173
Detailed Programme 3 197
· Engagement in the UNEVOC Network and potential areas for synergy to increase the UNEVOC Network’s outreach and impact 205
· UNEVOC Centre, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI) 211