Research on Needs Analysis for Adult Career Education and Policy Suggestion

Existing career education policies have always been focused on career education in schools, despite the importance of career education for adults. According to the analysis of adult career education needs, the most important aspects of adult career education were 'understanding my career aptitude, strengths and weaknesses', 'understanding my ideal career path for me', and 'responsing to future social changes (digital transformation, etc.). Moreover, adult respondents said that “career management”, which allows them to re-design their careers and respond and adapt to career changes, as the most important domain of career education. They also preferred employment training institutions such as career centers and educational institutions such as universities as the ideal providers of career education for adults. Based on the analysis, a mid- to long-term roadmap was suggested to provide systematic training on the most important areas in career education for adults and offer up-to-date vocational skills and information that correspond to societal changes.