An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Non-Contact Education and Training for Platform Workers

Non-contact practices introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic are combining with advances in IT technology and have also impacted the education industry. An analysis of the effectiveness of non-contact specialized training was performed by examining the effect of variables in learners’ motivation and training processes on learning transfer. The overall level of satisfaction was statistically relevant to learning transfer, whereas contents, designs, systems, teachers, and evaluation did not affect learning transfer. Moreover, learners’ motivation affected the overall level of satisfaction and learning transfer in some job categories and contents, designs, teachers, and evaluation partly affected the overall level of satisfaction in some job categories, which confirmed that the mediating effect of the overall level of satisfaction was relevant in some parts. The aforementioned analysis signifies that 1) systematic management of the overall level of satisfaction before, during and after education and training, 2) tailored management for each job category and type of training, and 3) a linkage of diverse non-contact education and training methods with policies for interaction are much needed.