The Current State of Private Qualifications Management and the Need to Adopt a Registration Renewal System

The purposes of introducing the private qualification registration system in Korea are to prevent the creation and operation of private qualifications, which are prohibited by law, to prevent damage to the public, and to collect and provide accurate information on private qualifications. The number of registered private qualifications has increased rapidly since the adoption of the registration system; however, the collection of information on private qualifications is insufficient and false or exaggerated advertising and inadequate qualifications have resulted in a further increase in harm to consumers. Moreover, 30% of registered qualifications continue to remain registered without currently being tested, and in particular, approximately 10% of registered qualifications have not been tested even once since registration.No plans to abolish the latter group of qualifications exist at the moment. In this context, the adoption of a registration renewal system of private qualifications is anticipated to help not only review registered private qualifications that need to be banned, but also eliminate inactive qualifications and create a healthier private qualifications market.