Analysis of the Management of New Industry Career Experience Program of Career Experiential Learning Support Centers

Interest in nurturing talents in new industries is growing at the national level as they can respond to rapid technological changes such as digital transformation and green transformation and serve as innovative leaders of our society in the future. In 2023, the Ministry of Education announced its 「Measures for the Vitalization of Career Education」 to expand career experience programs at schools with the aim of strengthening career education in new industries. 80.8% of these programs were in operation based on an analysis of 218 Career Experiential Learning Support Centers and their management throughout Korea. However, most staff were in charge of the programs for less than a year, while the programs were biased towards digital technology and mobility, failing to offer stable and balanced career experience. A major challenge faced by Career Experiential Learning Support Centers in managing new industry career experience programs was the lack of trainers and sites for experience within their regions. These findings indicate that active support is needed for the balanced and stable management of new industry career experience programs.