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Global HR Forum 2023
Date 2023-12-26

As suggested above, this year’s Global HR Forum consisted of a total of 25 sessions and 86 speakers. 5,144 visitors participated on-site and a total of 347 questions were submitted during its sessions, making the forum a success.


Ideal talent in the age of big blur was discussed in the keynote speech, while education and leadership in the era of accelerating digital transformation was discussed during special dialogues. Special lectures focused on challenges in human-AI technological cooperation and the direction of higher education. At plenary sessions, speakers exchanged their views on business opportunities utilizing AI, law and regulation for the co-existence of humans and AI, glocal universities, changes in the paradigm of digital education, and arts in the era of AI. At special sessions, speakers examined upskilling and re-skilling in the era of AI and big blur, HR based on data, and new views on youth.


Session A, organized by the Korea Economic Daily, discussed strategies to secure and manage global talent, evolution in working methods, human capital disclosure systems, and changes in HR in the public sector. Session B, organized by the Ministry of Education, focused on EduTech utilization cases in schools, changes in universities for lifelong education, and the future of universities from regional perspectives. Session C, organized by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET), reviewed methods to nurture creative talent, talent cultivation methods of Germany and Singapore in the digital era, career and employment paths of youths in the era of big blur, and humanistic knowledge in the era of AI.


As this year’s theme is “New Wave: Talent Revolution in the Era of AI and Big Blur”, the forum mainly focused on how AI- and big data-led technological changes are impacting the various aspects of the modern society and highlighted the need for response and adaptation to such changes. The speakers discussed on how our response should take place in multiple domains such as education, leadership, business strategy and the labor market, and the need for new ideal talent and capacity. Moreover, they acknowledged that lifelong learning, upskilling, and re-skilling are core elements in the era of AI and big blur and examined curricula and education systems to respond to future changes. A good understanding of and the ability to respond to technological innovation play an important role in today’s society. The KRIVET plans to utilize the relevant issues in identifying timely research topics in the future.

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